Sharing Location Information

If your application uses Location Services and the SDK is allowed access, the SDK will automatically send location data on the publisher’s behalf with ad requests. Location data enables more relevant advertisements to reach your users. Location data must first be enabled in the app in order for the SDK to access this information. ( Please see the respective iOS and Android documentation for instructions on how to access location services in your app.) There may be circumstances where your application may have access to location, but you do not wish to use that data for monetization purposes. For situations like this, it is possible to explicitly disable the SDK from accessing location data by setting LocationEnabled method to false as outlined below.

By default the SDK will use location data to provide better targeting of ads. The following allows you to change the default behavior in order to prevent location data from being sent to the server.

[VASAds sharedInstance].locationEnabled = NO;
VASAds.locationEnabled = false