AdMob Upstream Adapter

The following instructions apply to publishers looking to mediate their AdMob inventory to Verizon Media’s SSP.

Notice to Unity Engine developers: The Verizon Ads SDK can still deliver ads to Unity apps if you are mediating through AdMob by Google. AdMob automatically supports Unity so integrating our adapter ensures proper delivery on all ad formats.

Integration Instructions

To download the AdMob-to-Verizon mediation adapters and for integration instructions, please follow the links below:

Please note that, in an effort to ease migration to the Verizon Ads SDK, these adapters will work with mediation groups that were configured to mediate to the legacy Millennial Media SDK. However, this legacy functionality is deprecated, and it is recommended that publishers start to migrate existing waterfall setups from Millennial or Nexage ad sources to the new supported Oath Ad Platforms (Verizon Media) ad source.

Configure AdMob to use Verizon Media’s SSP

Choose Mediation from the AdMob portal sidebar.

  1. Click Create Mediation Group
  2. Select the Mediation Group’s ad unit format and platform, then scroll down to Ad sources and click Add Ad Network
  3. Select Oath Ad Platforms (Verizon Media) from the dropdown, add your expected eCPM, and click Continue
  4. Add your SSP Site ID and Placement ID and click Done